Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Schwaben Creek Werewolf

As far as the Schwaben, or Swabian, Creek Werewolf legend goes, there's two versions I've found on the internet.

First, from Hell Horror comes the "Norththumberland" County Werewolf:

In the Northumberland Country of Pennsylvania, a tale is told of a young sheep herder, and her lycanthropic admirer. The young girl was a cheerful child, and liked by everyone in the community, especially a solitary old man who everyone regarded with fear. The old man would always follow the young girl, and also sit and watch her as she tended to her father's flock of sheep.

Although many wolf attacks were reported even during broad daylight, the flock that the young girl tended to remained unharmed. This went on for several years, until a farmer spotted a wolf in the moonlight. He took a shot at it, and the wolf cried out, then retreated into the bushes. When the man went to check if his shot had killed
the wolf, he found the old man dead with a bullet in his chest. The girl continued to tend to her sheep herd and never once was it attacked by wolves.

The site not only has no citations, it actually lists this material as copyrighted by them. Hardly. The exact same story appeared on "The Werewolf Page", right down to the misspelled "Norththumberland" and the reference in the first line to the Northumberland "Country." Sadly, the Werewolf Page seems to be gone, though you can still find it in Google's cache.

The second, more accurate, version can be found at Penda's Realm.

In Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, a recluse rumored to be a werewolf, took a shine to The Paul Family's 12-year old daughter, May. He never made any improper motions towards her, but would watch from a distance while she tended sheep. What was even stranger was that the wolves seemed bold enough to attack and run off with sheep from other herders, but May's sheep were never bothered. One fateful night, a hunter spied a large wolf in the brush took aimed and fired, figuring he could collect the 25-dollar bounty on wolves. In the morning, the hunter went to retrieve the corpse, having lost it in the dark. He was astonished to discover that the blood trail ended at the body of the recluse.

The site cites The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shapeshifting Beings, by Brad Steiger as the source. Who knows where Brad found out about it, I don't read books. Maybe John L. Moore knows.


Blogger Terry Hart said...

Not to be confused with This John L. Moore.

"He especially enjoys equipping and training young people for the end-time Army of God"

1:24 PM  
Blogger John L. Moore said...

There's ample historical documentation for key parts -- but not all -- of the Schwaben Creek story. I have visited the place where the wolf man was said to have been shot, and a second place, not faraway, where he was buried alongside a country road.

~ John L. Moore, Northumberland, Pa.

11:57 AM  

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